El EFQM and the global concept
of quality in Heliene

The EFQM model as a unifier of a Quality process: Products and Services from the People in the company, the clients and society.
From its beginnings, EFQM has been focused on helping to create strong European organisations that practice the principles of total quality administration in its business processes and in its relationships with employees, clients, shareholders and communities where it operates.

With the aid of EFQM and through the example of its members, the organizations in Europe have begun to accept that the administration of total quality is a way of administrating activities to gain efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage, ensuring long-term success by satisfying the needs of clients, employees, financial entities, shareholders and the community in general.

The implementation of total quality administration programmes enable significant benefits to be reached, such as increased efficiency, cost reduction and greater client satisfaction, all focused on improving business results.

The EFQM has a key role in the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness of European organisations by reinforcing the importance of quality in all aspects of its activities.

European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) The EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management)