Quality in the entire process

The initial adoption of the International Standard Organization 9001 guide, will enable a first step with methods of approximation to the quality regulations and a minimisation of paper and the use of the factory's computer system, as a difference from the conventional ISO.

The EFQM gives a high value to the concept of Processes, in 14% or 140 points this function within the general plan.

Excellence organisations design, manage and improve their processes so as to fully satisfy their clients and other stakeholders and generate an ever-larger added value for them.

This implies:
- Systematic design and management of processes.
- Introduction of the improvements necessary in the processes by innovation, with the aim of fully satisfying clients and other stakeholders and generating more value.
- Design and development of the products and services, based on clients' needs and expectations.

- Production, distribution and attention service for the products and services.
- Management and improvement of relations with clients.