- Application of market analysis methodologies according to the demand of our clients and the focus on a business activity with sufficient singularity to have products that enter into contact with competitors in a transversal and not absolutely equal manner, giving rise to competition with a different and new niche*.

- Evolution of the market in efficiency of photovoltaic cells by means of different technologies:

HHeliene holds patents in the solar cell concentrator area and monitorisation of modules, strategically this initiative leaves criticality and objectives focused on the price of the cells, to reach the market in a different manner, with better prices per Wp, and having a considerable differentiation from competitors.

Patented anti-theft applications with a perimeter distribution and GPS geographical localization, as well as the application of traceability microchips by RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for the product manufactured, are innovative and open market applications for both national and international clients.

Innovative elements that incorporate differential features with regard to competitors
Heliene photovoltaic modules are based on state of the art components, collector photovoltaic cells with 3 buses, both monocrystalline and polycrystalline with a minimum dispersion of power, standardised 1000 volts insulation, 4 mm thick glass with microprismatic surface structure, extra high quality aluminium section assembled without fasteners, completely smooth and secured to the installation with different procedures, to facilitate the work of the installer, optionally an alarm system with an RFID microchip that can be located via GPS, as well as a microchip for identification and traceability of each module, guaranteeing total localisation in the installation, finally, a market price including attention service in Catalonia, Spain and globally by our alliances with top class engineering and commercialisation companies.

The development process of these modules progresses from the preparation of prototypes based on systems of calculation of the fundamental electrical characteristics, to the physical configuration of their external characteristics, mainly mechanical and environmental.

The proposal of this design, guided by Benchmarking techniques, as well as QFD (Quality Function Deployment), of optimum suppliers of components as raw materials, as well as adjustment of the parameters of the manufacturing process during production by the Design of Experiments and E.O.(Evolutionary Operation, in preparation) provide as final adjustment in the productive process, an optimum quality process.

(*) Criterion developed by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne of "Institut Européen d'Administration des Affaires"