SAP Solar is a Spanish company with over 25 years of experience, committed to design, manufacture and commissioning of automated process systems for all types of industries: automotive, food industry, pharmaceutical or renewable energies, among others.

Within the renewable sector, SAP Solar has designed, manufactured and commissioned photovoltaic module production line for leading companies in this sector.

It was in year 2007 when SAP Solar created the brand HELIENE manufacturing and selling its own photovoltaic modules.

The company located in Badalona, at 11km far from BArcelona, covers worldwide markets and is already present with its technology and know-how in Europe, Canada, USA or Japan.

Our HELIENE PV modules offer several differentiating elements, which come directly from the vast industry knowledge of our Engineering Team, being able to contribute with all this value directy on the production process.

The advantage of designing, manufacturing and installing production lines for the subsequent manufacturing of photovoltaic modules, results in the complete knowledge of the finished product, as the error margin gets minimized, thereby enhancing its quality.

Thanks to its experience, the convergence between SAP Solar - HELIENE provides an additional value to the projects: full knowledge of the production process, providing reliability and product quality and the ability to offer not only the photovoltaic module, but also the design, manufacture and assembly of factories to produce photovoltaic lines for subsequent selling of resulting manufactured PV modules.

SAP Solar moves across its industry knowledge to its product.