As a producer of your own energy, the self-consuption procedure allows us to save on our bill considering the constant increases in electricity prices in recen years. Also with a self-consumption installation, either for the field to be, we make sure there is no energy loss during its transport and we are also creating our own energy with clean technology.

According to the legal framework of the country or place tobe installed, the facility will be ready for 50% or 100% of the required power, with and off-grid or an on grid system, with or without batteries. For this reason, the preliminary study is essential. 10 KWp facilities with PV modules usually offer a high comfort level for a household. 6 KWp facilities can offer a medium comfort, and from 3 to 0.25 KWp facilities, support levels for self-consumption enough for medium households. 

For this reason, HELIENE can offer several solar self-sufficient equipment (Kits) to provide energy to the consumer and also to supply energy to areas where there is not easy access to electricity.

Self-Consumption Kits for Residential and Industrial uses

Self-Consumption Kits are intended for both residential use as well as for roof top installations at insdustrial buildings. These solutions can be applied in an isolated facility where energy is accumulated in batteries/accumulators for immediate or later use or for an installation connected to the grid, where according to the legal framework of each country, it is possible to dump to the grid the energy that is not consumed. 

Solar Pump Kit

HELIENE also offers systems for pumping water using solar energy, either for installations on irrigation and to supply water in rural areas, so being possible to get access facilitating access to drinking water or in the case of irrigated areas saving costs against provision through conventional energy. 

Urban Lighting Kit

Urban lighting kits are designed to provide light in the streets, as in the case of Solar Led Lamps. 

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