Productive philosophy

From a business point of view, generation of value is the goal of our activity. Value for clients, value for the company, the shareholders and employees. For the success of our activities, we consider four aspects indispensable: Productivity, Service, Quality and Innovation.

- The search for competitiveness in all markets has led us to conceive manufacturing with a degree of automation and robotisation that justify the investment, as well as its amortisation.

- Maintenance of the production line is the next determining factor to guarantee this function in time. We have the following in application phase :
Corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance.

- This model, based on the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) approach, enables and also encourages the involvement of all personnel in the productive process.

- It enables quantification, by means of the performance rate, of the activity in shifts, lines, process phases and posts; it does not quantify people, understanding that this is out of the scope of its activity. The workforce is the principal source of genuine productive and quality activities in the company.

- A constant target is to find the professional essence of the employees, so they can feel fulfilled in their work.

Resources available for starting the business activity amount to 1.9 million euros for the first year and a half, continuing with a three-year plan.