Business positioning

Business environment of Photovoltaic Solar Energy

We consider that in the medium and long-term, solar photovoltaic energy should play a significant role in covering the energy demands of Spain.

The current model is unsustainable, as in the medium and long-term it implies emissions of greenhouse gases much higher than the levels Spain has committed itself to internationally as well as increasing the country's already high levle of energy dependency. According to the estimations of Asif-Appa and taking into consideration a strong development of other renewable energy alternatives, sustainable coverage of peninsular demands in 2020 could require about 20 GWp of solar photovoltaic energy, compared to the approximately 1GWp installed in Spain at the beginning of 2008.

Annual photovoltaic power installed and volume of the installation industry in Spain:

Impact and occupation
The socio-economic impact is considerable, due to the number of jobs it can potentially create, the high qualifications needed for 50% of these jobs and the expansion plans of SAP SOLAR BAD., S.L.

Being a top level technological product, the factory project has included a high level of automation, with the first line currently in operation with robotics and line monitoring. This line, initially designed to manufacture 2 MWp, is planned to reach 10 MWp in the second year and 15 MWp the third.

The expectations are to install a second line from year three with a manufacturing potential of 20 MWp. This means 6 direct jobs and 3 indirect jobs for the first year, reaching 40 direct jobs in each line on two shifts and 15 indirect jobs, according to our calculations.