Production line

Description of technical characteristics of the products-services
State of the art photovoltaic modules are made with monocrystalline or polycrystalline cells, measuring 156 x 156 mm, such as those in the product we are describing.

As mentioned in the previous section, they will have 3 collector buses per cell to increase performance due to the greater capacity to capture the current generated, a lower current collecting temperature with a greater section, thus reducing aging with a greater durability in the efficiency of cells in the 25 years of life expectancy of these types of components.

The thickness of the front glass has been increased from 3 mm to 4 mm, with a microprismatic surface that acts as anti-reflectant and transmitter of the greatest amount of light possible, as well as a protection against strong environmental agents, such as hail, vandalism and resistance to damage during transport and installation.

Technical description

Photovoltaic modules generate electrical energy from sunlight.

The fundamental data refers to the performance of each type of module within the family of homologated modules.

Initially SAP SOLAR BAD., S.L. has entered the market with three families of modules: HEE-Monocrystalline, HEE-Poly crystalline and HEE-Substitute Range, White and Low Power.

Regarding service, the strategy has been to preferentially serve the first two ranges of modules.

The last range, as an equivalent product, totally homologated and with components from the global marketplace, with a more attractive price and advantages of immediate availability in Heliene stocks.

The performance of the modules is evaluated with standard data, among which we can highlight the power in peak watts Wp and the percentage of performance, as well as the percentage of dispersion of nominal power, as well as the guarantee.

A reference table of the product presents these parameters:
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