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- Quality Engineer, Productivity and Maintainability (TPM).
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Labor market of the photovoltaic industry
Contribution to the consolidation of the company's presence in Catalonia.

Photovoltaic solar energy with an almost unlimited potential for development in Spain and with strong social support facilitating its expansion, should contribute significantly to covering the growing demand for electricity.

We calculate, taking into account the continual support, which means sustainable coverage of demand, that the Spanish photovoltaic industry could employ up to 56,000 people in 2020 in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance activities, and the current number of direct employees being 4,610 in the whole of Spain.

Chain of value of the photovoltaic solar industry

The cell-manufacturing sector is a highly concentrated one, although tending towards decentralisation. The reason is that the optimum scale for manufacturing cells has remained stable at the same time as there has been a significant increase in demand.

The most advanced installations have the capacity to produce on average 40 to 60 MWp/year, nevertheless, the module manufacturing business has had a much lower optimum scale; 3 to 10 MWp/year.

Estimate of the number of direct jobs created by the photovoltaic solar industry:

Geographical distribution of photovoltaic installations in Spain and specifically in Catalonia in November 2007